THAI YOGA MASSAGE

                 Thai Yoga Massage is a unique combination of acupressure, gentle stretching and
       applied yoga.  It is an ancient art known by several names such as yoga for two, 
       lazy man's yoga, as well as Thai Yoga.  The roots of Thai Yoga are found in northern                 
       India and are believed to have arrived in Thailand around the third or second 
       century B.C.E.  It is a very compassionate form of body work based on the concept 
       of metta...loving kindness.

       Thai Yoga is very holistic, focusing on the whole body. In western body work 
       practitioners usually use their hands and fingers to exert long, deep strokes on
       a still body.  In Thai yoga practitioners may use hands, elbows, feet, knees, or 
       heels to move and hold a body in gentle yogic positions and then compress and     
       stretch muscles with pressure, kneading and gentle rhythmic rocking.  This gentle
       rhythmic rocking and compression provide a meditative quality to your session
       while providing your body with a sense of muscle release and relaxation.

       It is believed that valuable life energy, (chi or prana) moves through the body via the
       sen lines (lines of energy) and when these pathways become blocked a person may
       encounter pain or disturbances in the body.  These lines are connected to
       acupressure points and massaging them may promote a freer flow of energy.  The
       Thai techniques are traditionally preformed in a manner to help clear energy lines
       usually beginning at the feet and working upward throughout your body.

       Thai yoga is usually performed on a mat on the floor.  You should wear 
       comfortable clothes that you might wear for yoga or exercise.  No oils are used.
       Although, sometimes aroma therapy sends may be used.  A typical session last 
       60 to 90 minutes and sometimes longer.  As your body relaxes some of the
       deeper work is done.  Each persons body is different so an assessment is done
       at the beginning of your session to identify any areas of concern or questions that
       you may have.

       Stress relief is probably one of the biggest reasons people come for Thai yoga.
       As  more people take charge of their own health they are becoming more open to
       experiencing new things.  Also, medical research is showing the positive
       benefits of touch, breath work and gentle movement of the body to provide benefit 
       in terms of flexibility, stress relief and mental balance.

        60 minutes        $ 75.00   
        90 minutes        $ 95.00                                                                                            

        Please call for an appointment:  916.768.2260


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